Peter Fairfield

“From the heart of suffering,
the wisdom of the true self emerges as wisdom and bliss”

Besides these and other critical life issues, I work with pain, trauma, depression, ADD, anxiety, poor focus, chronic headaches and other related health issues.

I also do special work with children and adolescents with learning and behavior issues.
Please click here: Children & Adolescents


Additionally, I also work with musicians, artists, writers, actors and performers experiencing creative blocks, stress, fatigue or performance related issues, i.e., voice, hand-related injuries, etc. or who are ill and need to get well quickly for a performance or tour. It is also possible to arrange support while on location or tour. Please click here: Creative Support Services

Athletic performance support
Recently we have been working with several top tier world althletes to heal from burn-out and to find meaning again after too many years of pressurized performance.

I had a clinic in the Himalayas for many years and gained experience working with Lamas, yogis and meditators doing extended periods of practice. I am happy to offer help to those doing spiritual or energetic practices with arising emotional or energetic problems or who want to develop a renewed freedom in their endeavors. Please click here: Yogis, Meditators & Practitioners

If some of this has touched you or resonated within you, I offer you my skill and experience.

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Currently I see clients in Mill Valley, California. I also do sessions over the telephone .

“Most of all though, together we listen and “see” what your inner wisdom is trying to reveal, that is the real medicine at work here.” Peter Heun Fairfield