Children & Adolescents

I do special work with children and adolescents with learning and behavior issues. So many or our children are unnecessarily medicated for behavior, learning and other health issues these days because parents and many allopathic physicians are not aware of the safe and successful natural alternatives.

Often, simple changes in diet or life style can allow the child to make significant progress and can make clearer what the real underlying issues might be. When this does not prove to be enough, it is usually because of structural, nutritional, emotional, stress related or even energetic imbalances. Fortunately, most of these problems can be assessed and addressed and usually overcome, with education, easy to live with structured programs and simple natural therapies.

To these ends we use gentle dietary, homeopathic, herbal and nutritional substances that are easy for them to take. Surprisingly, many children are open to acupuncture, which in it’s gentlest form is a benign but powerful tool for very rapid changes in mood and affect. Gentle massage and soft tissue realignment are also useful. The sessions are designed to be fun and interesting and we find that most of children and adolescents look foreword to them and notice that they are feeling better.