Creative Support Services


Having the blessing or curse of possessing a “creative madness”, myself, I am especially happy to work with musicians, artists, writers, actors and performers experiencing creative blocks, stress, fatigue or performance related physical issues.

Before a performance or an event, a balancing “tune up” can help prepare you you for that specific opportunity. Within a short time burnout, stress and emotional strain can be transformed to a feeling of confidant ease where once again you can find pleasure in your art. Usually after just one session you will begin to feel renewed and be surprised at how much better you feel. Regular “maintenance” programs can be established to prevent future “downtime”.

Treatment to regain a lost or tired voice, fix a hand or other body related injuries can often occur quickly. Also working artists on brake for a quick turn around can often be quickly and naturally treated for colds, flues, GI upsets, aches and pains and “burnout”.

It is also possible to arrange support and personal care while on location or tour.